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About Heather Hein

Heather Hein has over 18 years experience in the legal and real estate industries. She has enjoyed a successful career at top law firms providing executive and administrative assistance to high-level partners and associates. Her project management and organizational skills have served her well and undoubtedly benefited those she served. Besides assisting with day-to-day operations, she also has extensive experience with client billing, investor relations, database organization and maintenance, and coordinating marketing events and promotional material for attorneys and realtors.

Heather is a graduate of Virtual Assistance U, "The Benchmark for VA Training." This comprehensive training program has helped her launch a meaningful and successful practice. To stay in touch with changes and demands of the industry, Heather regularly enrolls in classes and seminars.

Heather is a certified Real Estate Professional Assistant (REPA) and also earned the Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) designation from REVA Training Center.

Real Estate Professional Assistant

IAVOA Member

International Virtual Assistants Association

IMPREV Virtually Trained

REVA Network


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