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Frequently Asked Questions

The virtual assistant industry is an exciting alternative for busy professionals and business owners. VAs are experienced professionals who provide support in their area of expertise. Businesses who need administrative assistance but unable to hire permanent employees find VAs to be an economical and highly flexible option.

What kinds of services does a VA offer?

Virtual Assistants offer a wide host of services ranging from telephone answering and mailing services to marketing consulting and web design. Here is a short sample: accounting services; database management and maintenance; collections; desktop publishing; event planning; graphic design; internet research; market research; payroll services; programming; web design management and maintenance; and work processing.

How much does a VA charge?

VAs rates are determined based on the level of expertise required, and the nature of the job. VAs bill only for the number of hours worked and rates range between $20-60 per hour.

How do I benefit from hiring a VA?

There are two ways to consider benefits: (i) the cost of hiring an employee could be at least 30-40% more than that of a VA; and (ii) if you perform administrative tasks, retaining a VA could save you a substantial amount of time, allowing you to focus on building a successful business.

How would I know which VA is right for me?

Once you determine your needs and criteria do your homework. Identify VAs who meet that criteria and request in-person or phone interviews. Having a call-plan in place will help you determine who can best provide the assistance you need. In time the right person can be your trusted advisor.

How can Everything Virtual help me?

Our goal is to help you identify areas where you most need help. Once those areas are identified we will propose short-term and long-term strategies to handle the day-to-day operations of your business. We understand that it takes more than commitment and time to build relationships which is what Everything Virtual strives for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of VAs provide a wide range of administrative services so you don’t have to spend time on what matters least in promoting and growing your business.

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