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It’s Monday morning. You barely have time to unfold the newspaper and your head spins thinking of the never-ending to-do list taped to your computer. You’re still recovering from a weekend of open houses, showings, listing presentations and numerous phone calls. Business was mediocre at best – could have been better. And now, you’re faced with another week of pretty much the same routine.

It’s not just you! You’re not alone! Several entrepreneurs share the feeling of being overwhelmed and burned out. Fortunately, help is closer than you think: you’ve heard whispers in the past about real estate virtual assistants. You look into it further, add a note to the top of your to-do list and pick up the phone.  By the end of the morning you are ready for a new day, a new week, a new beginning. Everything Virtual, your new real estate virtual professional is taking over all administrative matters.  Having delegated tasks that are stopping you from growing your business and income, you can now concentrate on your clients, prospects and growth!

What administrative matters can Everything Virtual handle?

General Office Support – Everything Virtual will handle all administration tasks that keep real estate professionals from client care and prospecting, two important functions which directly impact revenue.

Listing Coordination –   We begin by assisting agents prepare for their pre-listing presentations. From here, we work behind the scenes and follow a systematic process to keep agents on track during the listing stage of the transaction. We get your listings into the MLS, work with vendors for signage, photographs, virtual tours, printed materials, classified ads and other specialized services you require. We design listing sheets, brochures, flyers and postcards for distribution. We schedule showings, follow up, gather feed back and compile reports.

Online Transaction Coordination – Using web-based platforms, we create virtual websites to manage each transaction for real estate professionals. Each website is personalized and gives the agent and their invited guest a secure place to manage all aspects of the transaction. This is an excellent option for those agents who wish to streamline the transaction process and convert to a paperless office.

Benefits of OTC

  • Helps stay on task, meet important deadlines and reduce risk of liability
  • Enables team to monitor each transaction closely
  • Improves efficiency thereby reducing overhead and administration costs
  • Reduces costs and time spent on each transaction
  • All information is recorded online and easily accessible from anywhere

What are the benefits and advantages of working with a real estate virtual assistant?

You’ve already read that a virtual assistant can save you time and money, but the right virtual assistant will also make their clients look organized, professional and a top producer.

Everything Virtual offers its clients several options to choose from:

Hourly Rate Plan

This is a flexible plan which offers the best option to clients who need assistance but unable to commit to a fix number of hours each month. There is a one-hour minimum requirement.

One-Time and As-Needed Projects

Rates are established based on the complexity and time needed to complete the project. A deposit of 50% is required prior to commencement of the project with the balance due upon completion.

Listing and Transaction Coordination

Everything Virtual charges a one-time set-up fee and flat fee for each transaction. Agents may retain our services at the pre-listing stage or anytime thereafter and continue through closing.

Additional Expenses

All expenses incurred for each transaction will be billed at-cost to the client.

For additional information on our rates and policies please contact us for our pricelist.

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